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Do you want great quality snow texture with the convenience of using cube or crushed ice instead of blocks?

Here's the answer...

The Hatsuyuki HC-8E Cube Ice Shaver Now in Stock and Ready to Ship

Cube ice shaver specifications

The HC-8E combines the convenience of using cube or crushed ice along with the benefit of using only a small amount of counter space. 

Buy now and get a convenient "On/Off Foot Switch" for FREE!  A foot switch can also lengthen the life of your HC-8E's lid switch as well!

Great News!  The HC-8E is also available in a 12 Volt DC version that runs off a 12 Volt DC battery.  Now there's no need to have a generator or utility power source to operate in remote locations.   

You can be in business in a matter of hours with this lightweight commercial grade shaver and a few bags of ice from your local convenience store.

Call FlavorSnow at (800) 878-9546 or e-mail to: sales@flavorsnow.com

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