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Considering the Shaved Ice Business?  You've found the right place!

Welcome to the Shaved Ice Headquarters of the World...

FlavorSnow Mfg. Co.™ has supplied gourmet quality Shaved Ice vendors since 1932 and, while frozen desserts have always been popular, consumer demand in the High Quality Shaved Ice sector has grown at a phenomenal rate over the last 20 to 25 years.  And the good news is it's still growing every year!

By viewing the FlavorSnow™ Web site, you'll soon discover how you can open your own Shaved Ice business, offer the finest, best tasting Shaved Ice, and not spend a whole lot of money doing it.

Why Should You Choose The Shaved Ice Business?

Besides being a lot of fun, here's a few more reasons to act NOW! 

Low start up costs, high profits & maximum flexibility.  Equipment, flavoring and supplies for 5,000 plus servings cost around $2,000. 

When using the FlavorSnow System™ and products, your total cost is somewhere between 16˘ and 21˘ for all items necessary to produce an 8oz serving of "gourmet quality" Shaved Ice. And markups of 1000% and MORE are common!

The Shaved Ice business is perfect for either a permanent or mobile setup and can be operated full time or part time for such events like fairs and festivals. 

Mobile operations utilize concession carts, trailers or vans and allow vendors to "go where the crowds are".  

And, because you're in business for yourself, you keep all the profits. There's no franchise rules, regulations or fees.

There's nothing to sign when you deal with FlavorSnow™ - you're free to do business wherever, whenever and with whomever you choose.

FlavorSnow™ has supplied successful Shaved Ice vendors for more than 83 years and our reach now spans the entire globe.

Please enter our site now and learn how easy and economical it can be to start your very own profitable Shaved Ice business.

PLEASE NOTE:  The "Shaved Ice Equipment " links on this Web site contain numerous photos and may take 30 seconds or more to load on regular 56K modem Internet dial-up connections.

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